Late Night Parties 

Our late night 2am-8am after party yacht excursions are now available. 2, 4, 6 hour reservations are available 7 days a week. Up to 14 guests on our 44’ Majesty and up to 45 guests on the 88’ Majesty. The city’s stunning skyline, luxurious yachts, and vibrant nightlife create a unique atmosphere for after-parties. Whether you’re enjoying the sights of the Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina, or cruising along the Arabian Gulf, Dubai offers a glamorous backdrop for late-night celebrations.

Late-night after parties on a yacht can be amazing for several reasons:

Late Night Parties 

Yachts often offer breathtaking views of the moonlit sea or city skyline, creating a unique atmosphere.

Late Night Parties 

Yachts provide a level of privacy that is hard to find elsewhere, allowing for more intimate and exclusive gatherings.

Luxury Amenities

Many yachts are equipped with luxurious features like alcoholic beverages , food, and entertainment systems, enhancing the party experience.

The gentle rocking of the yacht can be soothing, providing a relaxing backdrop to your late-night festivities.

Yacht parties can feel exclusive and prestigious, making them memorable and exciting for guests.

Escape from Crowds

Being out on the water can offer a peaceful escape from crowded nightlife venues.

Unforgettable Memories

Late-night yacht parties often lead to unforgettable memories with friends or loved ones.


Additional information:

If you require alcoholic beverages or food, please advise us on what you need at time of booking and we will do our best to have it on the yacht when you arrive. (Reimbursement for alcoholic beverages and food will be required. Your captain will provide you with receipts.)

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