Jet Car

Price: 1000 AED/hour

Jet Car Rental in Dubai

All prices exclude VAT of 5%


Capacity: 2 guests at a time
Facilities: Music, stereo system, pedals
Top speed: 100 km/h (54 knots)
  • Prior to sunset and only with yacht charter
  • Every passenger must have a genuine, current Emirates ID or passport.
  • Before the jet vehicle tour, a disclaimer must be signed.

The lights and windshield wipers are controlled by a row of switches on the center console inside the cockpit. On the dashboard, there is a tiny GPS display as well. Additionally, seamen stay much dryer than they would on a jet ski thanks to the high sidewalls of the cockpit and the windscreen. Similar to a jet ski, it lacks brakes but has other features including a steering wheel, gas pedal, and gear selector.

At Jet Car Rental in Dubai, we put forth a lot of effort to provide you with a high-quality product in a timely manner at a fair price. Before delivery, each specially created Jet Car is handcrafted and meticulously tested to assure quality control.

If you and your special someone would prefer to take a leisurely boat ride, Jet Car is the ideal option.

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