Price: 999 AED/hour

E-Foil Rental In Dubai

All prices exclude VAT of 5%.


Size: Suitable for everyone
Capacity: 1 person at a time (during 1 hour up to 5 rides)
Instructor: Yes
Life jackets, helmet: Yes


  • Prior to sunset and only with yacht charter
  • Every passenger must have a genuine, current Emirates ID or passport.
  • An acknowledgment must be signed before the tour
  • The captain’s decision will determine when the ride will start.

So, precisely how does this device work? The eFoil board enables a submerged hydrofoil to entirely elevate the real board out of the water once you reach a particular speed. You can easily ride the water thanks to the hydrofoil’s electric engine, which propels you forward. Similar to an electric skateboard in appearance. You’re flying across the lovely water’s surface rather than across the pavement on your board.

A wireless hand remote throttle control and additional safety measures are both included in the eFoil. And you have access to everything. Yes, this is the height of convenience.

This remote control is totally sealed and waterproof. Are you worried that this object will escape your hands and submerge in the water? It’s no trouble! This object is floating. Talk about mental tranquility. In-depth instruction on remote control use is provided during the e-foil classes.

The battery charge level indicator, power settings, alerts, and many more features are also included. What aspect is the best? It uses extremely potent wireless Bluetooth technology and doesn’t need to be charged.

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